Real private photos of my real sexy wife (adult, only 18++) .

Do not look at our photostream if you are under 18 (21 in some countries) or are offended by nudity.

We are a married couple that loves photography and the line between erotic and porn art. I love sharing my wife with you and she is gracious enough to allow me that pleasure. She enjoys posing for you, as an angel or, from time to time, as your slut.

Nothing better than knowing guys copy and share her pictures all over the internet and coming across the sites and seeing her naked for everyone to see, men saying what a dirty slut she looks etc .

Every kind of comment is welcome. More...

kandmsexyadventure asked: You two have a beautiful, sexy life, and your photos are spectacular! Our pleasure to follow such a sexy, enlightened couple! -K&M

Thank you!!

bi-tami asked: t is difficult to separate the equality of your photography form the beauty of your subject matter. Must be one of the most elegant examples of the Magic of Erotica on TUMBLR Took my breath away Tami

Oh, thank you Tami for your compliment!  It is motivation to shoot and post more pictures.

futursx asked: We absolutely adore your blog!! Your pictures are amazing, she is so beautiful, so sexxy!! Love how you swim between eroticism, pornography, voyeurism, exhibitionism and art... Please keep them coming!! thanks a lot


Enjoy our pictures, enjoy my wife… and read this.

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